Why do YOU invest in real estate?  I mean, it can be rough...deadbeat tenants with a talent for innovative destruction, Commie-pinko Legal Aid attorneys who think greedy landlords shouldn't even be allowed to own buildings, the joys of dealing with incompetent and dishonest contractors (Was that redundant?).  So why do it?  Let me guess....to fund $700 toilet seats, Presidential harems (err, I mean interns), and provide employment for cookie-pushing, Ivy-League sissies (a.k.a. State Department "diplomats").  In short, you voluntarily undertake the risks and hassles of RE investing to see more of your money "at work" in government....right?

NOT!  You actually want to keep what you earn, imagine that!  Well, you've come to the right place.  My job is to help you keep as much as legally possible from greedy bureaucrats at all levels of government.  To help gauge the value of what I provide, see my "Qualifications", just below (basically a shrine to my lawyer-sized ego).  Off to the left side are links to services, products and articles, all designed to help you keep what you earn.  Happy reading, and may the IRS audit your mother-in-law.


Who am I?

My name is John Hyre.  I am a tax attorney, accountant and real estate investor.  95% of my clients are real estate investors.  Prior to venturing out on my own, I worked for two of the Big Five accounting firms and for several Fortune 500 companies.  I saved my clients millions of dollars in taxes annually.  But working for the man got old- so now I'm here to save RE investors big bucks...and invest the fees that I earn in yet more RE of my own.

Why I became a tax attorney?

Rough childhood.

It annoys the left-wingers.

Lower taxes limit the amount of "help" the government can provide.

I like games....tax law is a high-stakes game with a 500,000 page rulebook. 

I didn't have high enough ethics to be a personal injury lawyer.

I couldn't run the 100-yard dash fast enough to be a personal injury lawyer.

I didn't have enough personality to be a personal injury lawyer.

I have a lousy sense of humor.

Chilean women dig tax lawyers.

It's a growth industry- every single time Congress meets!

Why I RULE, Err, I mean, Why Me?

1.  My client advice and research are thoroughly focused on real estate investment.  I've heard most of the questions and researched most of the answers.... and constantly work to stay on top of RE tax issues.  That means that I can normally answer your questions quickly, aggressively and ethically.  Few generalists can compete with a focused specialist.  Would you go to the family doctor for heart surgery?  Of course not!  So why use a jack of all trades (master of none) for your real estate business?

2.  I cost less.  After you look at my hourly rates, you'll laugh at that claim.  I didn't say I was cheap- I said that I cost less.  I've seen it again and again- potential clients go to a local generalist, and get lousy advice that is plain wrong, or so conservative that the overpaid taxes far outweigh the "savings" on fees.  Or the low hourly rate gets applied over many hours, because the generalist needs to research every question.... or bill you to learn OUR business.  I'm not cheap (unless wine is involved), but I usually cost less!

3.  I am an attorney.  So, unlike many accountants, I actually read the law, and not just someone else's opinion of the law.  I interpret that law aggressively whenever ethically possible.  I LIKE gray law, unlike many accountants who just want a black and white box to fill in.  I respect the IRS' power, but do not fear it.  I simply can't abide mousy advisors who squeak "Oh, the Service wouldn't like THAT".  I don't care what the IRS likes, I am guided by what the law permits.

4.  I am an accountant.  So unlike many attorneys, my understanding of numbers goes beyond entering the fees on your billing invoice.  I understand proper book-keeping - without which, the most expensive tax planning is absolutely worthless.  I also understand (and perform) tax compliance- and give tax planning advice that reflects compliance ins and outs.

5.  I invest in real estate.  I DO deal with tenants, buyers, contractors, suppliers, title companies and other investors, to name a few.  I needn't spend billable hours learning OUR business.  And my clients and I sometimes "talk shop" and learn from each other, once the tax dust settles.

6.  I see a lot vicariously, through the eyes of my investor clients.  I love reading their financial "books", because they tell a story.  Each investor's angles and techniques are unique, and crafted to a specific market and personality.  I am often able to pass practical tips on...after I've incorporated them into my own investments, of course!

7.  I have experience aggressively representing clients before the taxing authorities- and getting favorable settlements more often than not.  The Other Side is human (most of the time)- and is usually susceptible to persuasion, evidence and argument.  And if not, the Other Side's superiors usually will listen....along with the hearing boards and the courts.

8.  While I am focused on the field of taxation, my legal training helps me incorporate non-tax concepts into rendering tax advice.  For example:  choice of entity (C-corporation, LLC, etc.) is heavily driven by tax issues- but other legal principles also matter.  Sometimes a third-party manager or general partner is needed to preserve or enhance limited liability.... sometimes a transfer of assets to an entity would run afoul of fraudulent conveyance statutes.... sometimes the company is too "thinly" capitalized under state law.  While I cannot directly advise on such issues (except in Ohio) without getting licensed in your state, I CAN point the issues out so that you can seek local legal counsel.  You'd be amazed at how many tax advisors opine based on tax concepts only- and run afoul of some pretty important non-tax laws!

9.  Most tax advisors simply do what you tell them to do- that is, prepare your return based on the information that you provide... when's the last time your advisor came to you and saved you money?  My job is to know what you do not - and communicate it - and save you money. 

10.  I vote the right way.  Who wants a pinko as an advisor?

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